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Full text of "The Morphology And Evolution Of The Apes And Man"

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IN virtue of his office as Prosector to the Zoological Society of London, Dr. Charles Sonntag has exceptional opportunities for original observation in comparative anatomy; and ever since he has occupied this position he has interpreted1 his dtities in the most generous way as the patient and indefatigable collector of exact
information, which in the Proceedings of the Zoological          -.^      *
Society and -in other ways he has promptly made available for others to use.
Some time ago I ventured to suggest" to him that he
'could render an invaluable service to students and in-

vestigators if, ha .would .prepare andjmblish full accounts of the anatomy of the anthropoid apes based upon his personal observations, with such comparative and bibliographical notes as would make his report a standard work of reference for anthropologists and
anatomists.^    This   book  represents the   realization  of
*        '' "* that scheme.           *-' V    .     .* ,
Its importance depends upon the fact that it is an impartial and reliable statement of facts based upon direct observation and a laborious sifting of the voluminous mass of writings dealing with the Primates. It is a remarkable demonstration of Dr. Sonntag's patience and industry, and its special value to the student is its freedom from the bias which writers